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British Equine Veterinary Association Statement

BEVA - British Equine Veterinary Association

The latest advice (15 May 2020) from the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) is:

"No equine veterinary procedures are automatically “off-limits” but every visit/procedure should be risk assessed and, only where the risks (to physical safety and/or disease transmission) can be sufficiently mitigated, should the visit/procedure go ahead. The safety of vet and client remain paramount and should not be compromised, especially for non-emergency procedures. In practice, this means that whilst a vetting may be safely carried out in one set of circumstances, it might only be safe to carry out parts of the vetting in a different scenario and, in another situation, it may not be safe to carry out a vetting at all."

Learn more about BEVA's advice here including a video from President Tim Mair and helpful risk assessment tools.