2020 Rider Round Up

2020 Rider Round Up

We all know 2020 has been a particularly different year. It was great to catch up with our riders to find out what positives they’ve taken from this year, what they’re most looking forward to in 2021and which of their horses we should look out for in the new year…

What has been your highlight of 2020?

Olli – Going to train with Steve Guerdat. He taught me so much in just 6 weeks.

Jesse – Heading out to Lignieres and finishing 3rd on Danny in the 4* long (Non-horse-related would be watching Tiger King!)

Vic – Being placed top ten in almost all of my events this year! Growing in confidence particularly in the XC phase!

Will – Jumping clear in a CSI3* Grand Prix on my 21st birthday

Sasha – Setting up my own business.

Lindsay – Lots of great stuff has evolved out of adversity this year. Two big things really – taking my education programmes online has been awesome, and I’d say my own riding and the training level of my team of horses has stepped up massively, as I’ve devoted more time and energy to them. Also, I’m so grateful to have had the most amazing support in a number of different areas for both my business and my horses – which is why I’m actually really excited about what is to come in 2021. Pushing on with the training, getting my two more advanced horses out to some higher-level parties and my two 5-year olds out on the circuit – they are both super exciting. Also, my Franklin youngster will be ready for backing in the summer – eek!

Georgie – Winning my first advanced in Red Hot Cooley at Wellington. Immense feeling and so of proud him.

Jayne – Being at home and not having 3am starts week in, week out! It was a lovely summer to spend time in the garden.

Charlotte – Keysoe CPEDI International in October – so many PB’s and just 100% proud of my ponies trying so hard for me. I enjoyed the show from start to finish. After the year we have all had it made me appreciate having the opportunity to compete at a show like this so much more; 2020 really has been a year of perspective and appreciation.

What has 2020 taught you?

Georgie – 2020 has taught me that preparation and homework really is key. We were very proactive during lockdown and came out really confident in July when Eventing restarted.

Lindsay – Wow… a lot. I’m a real control freak and my diary is normally planned two years in advance. This year has taught me to be adaptable and just go with the flow! It has also taught me to hold close what is really important and stay focused on the goals, even if the methods to reach them have to change. So, resiliency, creativity and fluidity.

Jayne – Be thankful for your health, it’s the most important thing, you never know what’s around the corner.

Jesse – Not to sweat the small stuff. What will be, will be – just enjoy every moment.

Sasha – To be resilient!

Charlotte – To be brave enough to look at alternative ways of approaching things, not just feeling like you should do what everyone else is doing and conforming to the norm. In Lockdown #1 I didn’t actually ride one of mine for at least a month – I concentrated purely on groundwork and the basics – something I will never regret. In any normal year would I have dared to do take the time to do this? We were gifted time without competition deadlines and pressure and I am so glad I seized the opportunity to try something different.

Will – Time and patience with young horses really helps with their development. Not having to rush into shows and giving them more time is really beneficial.

Vic – To take never take anything for granted. I was in the very unfortunate hands of a miscarriage this year and it has definitely provided the biggest dose of perspective I could have been given! Live every day and appreciate all the positive things you have ❤️

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Charlotte – Hopefully not wearing a mask and being able to give friends a hug!

Olli – Hopefully shows getting back to normal! Nothing beats the atmosphere at shows like Olympia.

Sasha – Hopefully being able to get out and compete a bit more than this year!

Lindsay – Taking the team out and having some fun!

Vic – Living more frivolously. Not in a financial sense (although I wish this was the case!!) but in a more carefree way. I’ve been enjoying jumping bigger, galloping faster and challenging myself more than ever before and I want to take this much, much further in 2021!

Which of your horses are “ones to watch” in 2021?

Will – KBIS G is looking like a very promising horse. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he can do and stepping up to top-level next year with him.

Jayne – I’ve got a lovely bunch of new, young horses in, one of which is Tiger Cub, a 4 yr old middleweight hunter, owned by Mr and Mrs T Trembath – he won the horse section of the Cuddy in hand championship at the 2019, Horse of the Year show.  The 2 established hunters, Temple Ogue and Twinshock warrior are both in fine fettle after nearly a year off, I can’t wait to get them back out again!

Jesse – Shadow Sister & Diachello

Sasha – Royal Salute (Lottie), a lovely 5yo, and Woodlands Be Daring (Desmond). I’m really excited to get out and about with both of these lovely horses.

Olli – Hello William, I believe he’s a special one. The aim is to get on a senior nations cup with him.

Georgie – That’s a hard one, I have so many talented horses I couldn’t possibly choose. Let’s just say there’s not a single one I don’t look forward to getting on each day.

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