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We caught up with Joanne Hartland!

Huge congratulations on your win in the KBIS Pairs and Multiples and the BDS annual show. Please can you tell me a bit about the horses you won with?

Star and Metts are both 16hh friesians geldings who we have owned since they were 3 year olds. We bought them both from Holland and they are now around 14 years old so have been a part of our family for a long time.

What are their personalities like?

Metts can be quite lively but Star is lovely and gentle. They are both incredibly hard working and affectionate. They’re also ridden occasionally as well as being part of the team; they are the leaders in our team.

Have you always been interested in driving?

I have driven for the majority of my life! Mostly doing pairs and teams but I do also ride occasionally. I had a team of coloured horses before the friesians I have now. I enjoy putting together my own team; I love the thrill and challenge of it all.

Do you have a plan for the rest of the season?

Well I’m really pleased they have qualified for HOYS, we had lots of fun at the BDS show. As well as HOYS we are looking to do more multiples competitions and some 4 in hand competitions with the team. We are also members of the Road club which we really enjoy, it’s more traditional driving.

It’s been great to catch up with you, congratulations once again! Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us and good luck for the rest of the season!

Photo credit Paul Orchard.

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