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Top 5 clipping tips with Stacey Greenshield, Head Girl to Team Fletcher

Now that we are into the Autumn months, for many it is the time of year to start thinking about giving our horses and ponies a clip.

Here are 5 top tips from Stacey when it comes to clipping:

  1. Always clip a clean horse. Make sure the horse you are clipping has been recently bathed as it helps the clip and it keeps your blades sharper for longer.
  2. Use smaller clippers for the head and legs. I like to use dog clippers or men’s hair clippers as they are much quieter. A lot of horses can get twitchier with bigger clippers around the more sensitive areas. 
  3. If you don’t have your own clippers, or maybe you’d just prefer someone else’s expertise, you can look into paying someone to clip your horse. If you choose to do this, be honest with them. If your horse is a bit nervous or naughty the person clipping needs to know. If they are not told it could potentially be dangerous. 
  4. Try not to use the clippers on one patch for too long or allow the blades to get too hot. This will help to prevent clipper rash. 
  5. Finish off a clip with either a bath (if warm enough) or a hot cloth wash with a bit of Dettol in it, this will help remove the loose hairs and it will lift the grease.

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