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Lindsay Wilcox Reid 2019 Round Up

Fergus (Formidable Caledonia)

Well what can I say? It’s been an absolutely amazing year to top off a decade during which so much has been achieved. I was delighted to join team KBIS earlier this year and to bring you a series of exercises to help improve your riding and partnership with your horse. I’m absolutely passionate about helping people enjoy their riding, enjoy their horses and also helping them to be the rider their horse would choose.

I am lucky enough to work with a team of equally dedicated amazing teachers throughout the UK and also internationally to help many more riders than I could possibly teach on my own. EquiPilates won the luxury travel guides Pilate studio of the year awards in November, which I think is such a testament to everything we all put in.

The last 10 plus years have been centred around building our teacher training programs within Equipilates™️ and as a result during that time my own riding and competing has taken a little bit of a back seat. Last Christmas I decided that it was time for me to revisit my own equestrian goals and dreams and re-focus on training and competing regularly, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, along with taking on more dressage training clients again.

Pumpkin spice (She Knows Caledonia) competed in her very first regional dressage championship in February and whilst we did not trouble the winners I was absolutely delighted with how she coped with the atmosphere and tried so hard to listen to me. She is an extremely talented but also extremely sensitive mare and can find it difficult to contain herself in certain situations. I’m hoping this sensitivity will work in our favour as we move up the levels, haha! This year though she really has settled into her work and has progressed hugely with the help of our trainer Angela Weiss. Having started 2019 competing at novice level, she ends the year having completed a couple of medium level tests with pleasing scores and is working at advanced medium at home. The plan is to have her out competing at this level in late spring.

Fonzie (Beckhouse Able) has also had a super year despite a slight bump in the road when he knocked himself in the field in the summer and was off games for a few weeks. He’s come back better than ever though and has qualified for the winter regional championships at medium level; I’m so excited about his progress because he’s really showing talent for the advanced level work and it is really fun to play with the piaffe and passage! His flying changes are improving and our goal is to have the tailcoat dusted off and ready to roll by this time next year – watch this space!

Other exciting news is that our little team has almost doubled with two new members joining Fonzie, Pumpkin and Tex, who’s doing a sterling job nannying the other horses. In February we welcomed the gorgeous Fergus (Formidable Caledonia), a beautiful bay colt by superstar stallion Franklin. He is such a character and is very bold – we also think he’s going to be enormous as he stands over 16 hands at the bum already! He is living with my good friend Lisa until he is old enough to start work, although they’ve taken to one another so well I think I might have a hard job removing him! I’ve told her she can be his godmother.

A wonderful opportunity presented itself in the autumn – a horse that I had fallen in love with when I first met her back in February at Caledonia Dressage Horses where Fergus (and Pumpkin) were bred came to join us. Ginty is a four year old beautiful black mare by San Amour and whilst dainty in stature has a fabulous strong personality! She’s settled in beautifully and is enjoying hacking about and doing a bit of school work. I absolutely adore her, with her funny little ways, and I’m really looking forward to our journey together. She’s got quite a bit of growing to do so we will see how she progresses and make a plan on what she’ll do competition wise in the spring.

I’ll be taking a few days off over Christmas but the foot remains hovering on the gas as it’s all systems go as soon as we enter January with our teacher training courses getting underway. I’m really looking forward to 2020 with lots of exciting horsey and Equipilates™️ projects in the pipeline, and I’ll be keeping you up to date with our adventures as well as bringing you more tips and techniques to help your riding. In the meantime, have a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful New Year – I’ll see you in 2020!