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Jumping with Georgie!

Georgie riding at home

We caught up with KBIS rider Georgie Strang to hear her top tips to jumping a course with confidence.

    • Know where you are going and be able to visualise the course in your mind, and how you want to ride each fence.


    • Focus on the quality of the canter, riding a balanced rhythm is key and don’t get obsessed by the distances.


    • Look early at the fences, train yourself to feel what the horse is doing underneath you so don’t have to look down at what he is doing.

    • If you need to change leads round a turn get organised as early as possible before the next fence, but don’t be afraid to ride counter canter if there isn’t time.

  • Have a plan of how to maximise your warm up, this can be discussed with your trainer before you go to suit you and your horse.

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