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Jenna's September Blog - Beaches, Burghley, and Balance!

Thankfully September hasn't been quite as busy as August, but I still had lots of fun!

On the 1st of September, I had a lesson with Georgie Webster on Stitch. I was lucky enough to win this at the Westerfield Horse Show and Georgie had me practicing lots of different lines, including a few dog legs which were really helpful. We jumped meter fences with horse distances and it felt really big, it was fast and lots of fun. My Nan came up from Essex with her friend who still rides horses and they watched me. I was really pleased I didn’t fall off, as usually when my nervous nan watches me something goes wrong and she ends up worried and asking mum if I should be jumping! 

On the 3rd of September, my friend Rebekah came for a sleepover. We got up really early and went to Frinton beach and had lots of fun at 7.30 am! We jumped all the breakers and even went for a little swim. When Stitch trotted in the water he trotted like a dressage horse and it was so smooth! I rode Stitch and Rebekah rode Tess. Mum took our dogs and they loved it! Mum took some lovely photos of us at the beach which I've attached for you to see. 

On the 7th of September Faith (my BFF), her mum Liz, Nan, and my mum went to Burghley Horse Trials to watch the cross country and I absolutely loved it! We had a good look around the shops and mum bought me some new boots which are so comfortable! My claim to fame is that Faith and I were seen on the television coverage! The cameraman zoomed into us... I was stuffing my face with a sandwich!  

The next day I took Tess and Stitch to a team showjumping event at Anvil. Tess and I did the 70cm and did a lovely double clear. Stitch and I did the 1m and we had 1 pole in the first round and then I fell off in the second round! My dad took me to the show as mum had to visit my auntie, so I got ready by myself which felt odd.  Mum and I think Stitch was being stuffy because he was worried about what Tess was up to whilst he was jumping! After watching videos dad took though, mum said it looked like I set him up for a stop rather than a jump - I need to respect that the jumps aren't small anymore!

On the 26th of September I had a lesson with BHS Accredited Coach Claire Pettit which was awesome! Stitch was flying. We practiced keeping him balanced and remembering that it is my job to keep him balanced. Clare also taught me that I need to sit more upright when I'm jumping and keep my balance, so I can recover more quickly once I’ve jumped a fence. We got him going nicely in the flat too.

This lesson set me up nicely for my first BS 90cm at Forest Edge Arena. I jumped on a ticket because I didn’t get my membership number in time. It was great to be back out competing and Stitch was amazing and did a fabulous clear round and I really felt I rode better too.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the year with KBIS.

Take care 


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