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Jenna's November Blog - It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Winter

November hasn't been the busiest of months this year but there have definitely been a few significant events that have been extremely enjoyable. Stitch‘s flatwork continues to improve and he has really started to soften. I have been practicing bareback with Tess and even accomplished free riding at the end of the month! November has been very soggy and wet and it really feels like winter. 


To kick off November, I had a side saddle lesson with Amelia Bevan on Stitch. It was our second time riding side saddle since the side saddle nationals. As our flatwork has recently been improving, it was much easier to ride him side saddle as I didn't have to worry so much about Stitch and what he is supposed to be doing so could continue to concentrate on myself and my position more, which in turn helps Stitch perform better. We practiced canter three loop serpentines, transitioning to walk on the third loop and riding a perfect walk to canter. I learned that this year, I need to include a three loop serpentine with a walk to canter transition in my show.


On the 16th of November, I rode Stitch in the 1m class at Anvil. It was our first time doing a BS show as a member and the show was located at Anvil Equestrian Center. On that day, there were pigs situated outside the arena I was supposed to jump in which wasn't very convenient and certainly worried Stitch. The first jump was right next to the pigs so it took a while to get to the first jump but after that were off, finishing with 8 faults overall. I had the poles in the timed section, I think I went a little too fast and need to realise that when jumping a meter I have to set him up correctly. I certainly will concentrate more and need lots more experience. 


On the 24th of November, I rode at Forest Edge Arena NSEA 85cm. This time, it was on Tess! I was in a team with Tiana and Levi and I went round clear with a time of 33 seconds. I pretty much flat out galloped the time section but that was not enough to get me an individual placing but it was very close with the winner clearing the course in 31 seconds. I was very proud of Tess. Unfortunately, the team didn't get placed either, but I was pleased that out of 57 I was just outside the ribbons as they only place to 6th place. 


Last night, I decided to ride stitch bareback for the first time and he was absolutely amazing! I often ride Tess bareback, but Stitch is bigger and bouncy so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stay on! It was great fun and I’m going to ride him more often bareback and jump him next time. 


Take care 



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