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Jenna's June Blog: I can't believe it!

Jenna and Cash
Jenna passing her C test

I’m feeling very honoured to be writing my first blog for KBIS. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I came home from school on 21st June and my mum handed me her phone and asked me to read the message saying I had won!

June has been a great month. Firstly, I’m hugely excited as my mums mare Della had her pregnancy scan on 7th June and a heartbeat was detected and we are now expecting a foal next year. Mum thinks her due date will be around April fools day 2020, so we are very much looking forward to meeting our first homebred foal!

Amelia Bevan has given me lessons every week and I have now learnt my side saddle equitation test off by heart and now we are really concentrating on getting each movement correct. It’s a tricky test, requiring some lengthening of strides in both trot and canter and also a canter up the centre line. It’s really important I keep straight, which at present needs some improving! It was lovely to get the side saddle back on my pony Tess (Puddingwood Temptress) also this month. My friend Binky from side saddle Area 4 came over to have a side saddle lesson on Tess with Amelia last weekend. When Amelia first put the saddle on, she asked me to warm Tess up, it was so great to be back on her side saddle and it turned out to be quite surprising! Tess was unsurprisingly wonderful and despite not having the side saddle on for 10 months she was as good as gold. My mum had thought I was going to look too tall on Tess so that is why I was really concentrating on bringing  Stitch out under side-saddle this year. However, it’s great news, for me and Tess as I haven’t grown in 10 months and Amelia and mum agreed that I actually still looked fine on her. I’m so thrilled to be able to take her one last time to the side saddle nationals and mum said I can take her in the equitation and jumping this year and also take Stitch and do all the other classes on him as it will be a great experience for Stitch, but we won’t feel like we are expecting too much from him so early on in his side saddle career. Binky loved her lesson on Tess, it was lovely seeing Binky ride her side saddle and I’m hoping she will be able to take her in a side saddle class at the nationals too.

I had two PC rallies booked at SHPC but unfortunately, the first one was cancelled due to the terrible rain. However, the second rally was brilliant as it was a showjumping rally and I took Stitch and did it side saddle. It was really great as we found our rhythm and we were jumping the course really positively and it was flowing nicely.

On the 16th June I woke Dad up early to wish him a happy Father’s Day, but then had to leave at 7am as we went to the Horseheath Showing Show as I needed to compete in a side saddle equitation class to get my points to be able to compete at the nationals. I took Stitch in the equitation and won the class which I was so pleased about as it’s only his second time in the ring and he was foot perfect.  Once we had finished me and mum then went off on the Pony Club 15 km Endurance ride which was also running from Horseheath and we did 15km in a time of 1 hour and 44 minutes. It was the perfect day and I have now qualified for the PC Endurance championships at Euston Park on 14th August. Mum is really pleased as she has to ride with me as I’m still too young to go alone.

On the 22nd June I took my Pony club C Test and I passed. The examiners were making us nervous and one of my friends doing the test forgot the name of a dandy brush and I froze when I had to untack my pony as I wasn’t sure whether I should take off the bridle or saddle first! It’s something I do every day, but when under pressure I went blank!

On 26th June, I got a day off school so I could ride Cash at the Royal Norfolk. He was perfect and got 3rd which I was really pleased with as he went beautifully and couldn’t have done better.

On 29th June it was an amazing day at the Westerfield Horse Show. I won the 70cm jumping on Tess and the 80cm on Stitch! I won £10 each class and also won two jumping lessons with Georgie Webster which I’m going to book for July and August. I took Tess in the side saddle classes and came 1st in one and 2nd in the other which I was really pleased with. I also won a special award for being the best allrounder at the show, which was really special.

Really looking forward to July as it’s going to be super busy! A holiday to Menorca, followed by Side Saddle two day camp, followed by 3 days at the National Arabian Horse Show leading straight into Pony Club Camp leading straight into the Side Saddle National! Very busy indeed!

Take care



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