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Jenna's July Blog - What a Month!

Jenna riding Ffion
jenna having a lunge lesson
Jenna having a side saddle lesson with Mrs Janet Senior
Jenna riding Rougemont
Jenna winning on Hardwick Cashman at the Arabian Horse National Show

I had a fabulous holiday in Son Parc Menorca and when we got back I was asked if I could ride Stitch in the 90cm Team PC Championship Showjumping Qualifier on the 14th July. Such a busy long day, 26 teams competed and we got 8th, I was really pleased with Stitch as we did two rounds and then a jump off. We got two clears and then in the jump off we touched the last pole on and unfortunately it fell. It was so tense and everyone did a big ooooh as we clipped the last fence. It was such a good day and it was great being part of the team.

My mum's friends pony Ffion then arrived on Saturday 13th July as she needed to be backed. Ffion is a 5 year old Welsh Section D who is 14hh. Laura her owner has done lots of ground work with her so she has been very easy. I got on her the first day and we have gradually asked a little more of her each day. Ffion has been really good and she loves hacking out. Ffion is the 3rd pony I have backed and I really enjoy starting unspoilt young ponies, Ffion is so willing and loves working. My KBIS numnahs arrived on 18th July so I put them straight on Ffion and mum got a photo!

I had my side saddle lessons with Amelia on Tuesday 16th on both Stitch and Tess, Stitch had forgotten what side saddle was all about after having a holiday and Tess was really good. Amelia put me on the lunge and made me ride side saddle without any reins or stirrups! I’ve done it without stirrups, but not with my hands behind my head before! This was in preparation for going to Area 4 side saddle camp on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th July. I arrived on Friday after school and had my first lesson with the chairman of the side saddle association Mrs Janet Senior. Mum had told me that I must ride perfectly for Janet to show her how well I can ride. It was a great lesson on Stitch and Janet worked with me helping me to ride better to help Stitch flex better and we worked on shortening and lengthening his stride. The next day I rode Tess and had a flat lesson with Janet and a jumping lesson with Fran. The jumping lesson was really good and Tess was amazing. Again, in my flat lesson with Janet, she really helped me to collect Tess’s canter. I was lucky enough to have my first ever ride on Alex Bevans Rougemont, also known as Munch he really helped me feel a true collected canter.

Finally I broke up from school on Wednesday 24th July and I was then straight off to the Arabian Horse Society National Show at Malvern, where I stayed away for 2 nights in a tent with Emma Jayne Didlick so I could ride her pony Hardwick Cashman at the show, it was the first time I stayed away at a show without my mum! 2 firsts were amazing and being given the harmony award for most harmonious ridden pair felt brilliant. I went through to the championship in the grand ring and during my gallop on the 1st go round my stirrup broke! It didn’t matter though as I carried on and enjoyed the gallop! Lucky for me Cash has a wonderfully smooth canter and the judge didn’t notice and I also did another gallop in the lap of honour with one stirrup. We were awarded Reserve British National Ridden Part-bred Arab Champion 2019! I couldn't believe it, Cash went foot perfect and I couldn’t ask for anymore, Emma burst into tears! 

I  arrived home Saturday 27th July at 3pm, and now I’m getting ready to go to PC camp tomorrow.  I’m going to camp on my friends pony Blue until Thursday 31st August so Tess and Stitch have a break before the side saddle nationals. I'm leaving a day early from camp ready for the side saddle nationals at Addington. I will let you know about PC camp and the Side saddle nationals in my August blog, fingers crossed I remember my test and Tess and Stitch are on top form. I’ve just found out I’m doing my first 90cm ODE at the PC Bloom cup in August, so I’m really looking forward to that! 

Take care 

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