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Jenna's August Blog - What a busy month!

The 1st of August seems like years ago as I have had a really busy time!

After finishing the Arab Horse Society Nationals with Cash, I came home for 1 night and then went straight to Pony Club camp. We stayed at Ickworth Park for 4 nights and I was lucky enough to take Blue who belongs to Sophie Pettitt. I love riding Blue, he is 20 years old but acts more like a 5 year old, he loves jumping and can get very strong. I really love riding him and I first rode him at the Gosling Cup last year.

Camp was such fun and I was able to do a side saddle demonstration with Amelia Bevan, which was great as mum brought Stitch and Tess to Camp so I got to ride them before the nationals to practice my test and a course of jumps sideways. Everyone at Pony Club got the opportunity to have a sit and a walk on either Tess or Blue with their side saddles on and I think they really enjoyed the experience. 

From PC Camp I went straight to the side saddle National Show at Addington Manor. I absolutely love this show, it’s a really lovely venue and we got to stay with Alex and Amelia Bevan in their lovely horsebox. On the Friday, it was Stitch’s first show and we did the Junior performance pony class, which involves a short show followed by jumping 3 small working hunter fences. Stitch, who is often a little worried by small fences, was absolutely amazing and he won the class. We then went up against two adult performance horse classes and we took the Reserve Champion Performance Horse/Pony which for Stitch’s first show side saddle made me very proud. I am biased, but I think he looks magnificent! 

On the Saturday was the Equitation dressage, Turnout and Jumping phase for the Junior Open Rider of the Year 2019. I won the Turnout and the Jumping, but I had a blank moment in my equitation test which lost me 4 marks. Even with these faults I was still awarded Junior Open Reserve Rider or the Year 2019 and Young Rider of the Year 2019. I was so pleased and absolutely loved the awards ceremony in the evening performance in the International Arena. 

We got home on the 5th of August and it was lovely sleeping in my own bed! 

Full day Pony Club Rallies with Suffolk Hunt PC have been great during the holidays and I’ve taken Stitch to three of them and Tess to one. We are so lucky at to have Ickworth Park for our rallies as the cross country jumps are amazing and we always get a chance to school over them at each rally. 

On 13th August, Stitch and I competed at the Bloom Cup and it was our first 90 cm XC course so it was great to do this as part of a team. We had a fair dressage test, Stitch was a little tense, but at least I remembered it this time! Showjumping, we had an unlucky pole as the stride wasn’t quite right to the fence and XC we had one stop at the ditch, which was a really big ditch. I was worrying about it and obviously had my eyes looking in the bottom of it! I had a really good rally the following week where we tackled the big ditch. My instructor kept saying eyes up and it really worked, Stitch stopped looking in the ditch as soon as I did. After conquering both mine and Stitch's fear, jumping ditches turned out to be really fun!

At the next pony club rally, on the 29th, I took Tess because I haven't taken her to many rally's and it was the last one until Halloween! We did lots of big jumps and had lots of fun. I can't wait until the Halloween rally where we get to dress up in a spooky costume and I want to make Stitch a skeleton horse!  

On the 23rd August I had a photo shoot with Mike Masters from Masters Equestrian Photography of me, Stitch Tess and my mums horse Della and the photos are so beautiful and clever.

I am looking forward to the rest of the year being sponsored by KBIS!



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