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Florence the Foal

Florence the Foal
KBIS Starlet winnin Aston Advance July 2012

Foal Friday with Florence

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest blog edition! The weeks are flying by!

I am having a blissful summer with my friend Mouse, getting to play in the paddock all day everyday. Our stud has amazing turnout on the top of breezy hills, and we have sampled a good selection of all the different areas of the farm.

Luckily, on the hottest day of the year last week, we were in the shadiest of paddocks getting some heat relief. But my o my that seemed a warm one and Mouse and I did a lot of sleepy sunbathing, I was almost quite relieved when the sun went down.

My mother, KBIS Starlet, kept telling us to not make such a fuss in the heat. I love to hear all about her past competition live and she was telling me in the July 2012, she won her first Advance eventing class in the midst of the summer sunshine. I cannot imagine being able to co-ordinate all my long limbs to become an event horse quite yet, let alone when it is really hot weather, but I am told this will become a lot easier in time as I grow big and strong.

On the whole growing topic, I am now almost double the size of Mouse! Can you believe it! I mean he is pony bred, so it isn’t such a huge surprise, but I do feel very tall next to him. Apparently KBIS ran an Instagram story poll the other day to see if their followers thought I would make it to over 17hh and the votes came in as 100% yes! Which is interesting seeing as my mother is 16.3hh and my father is 16.2hh.

It was great to see two of my owners Guy and Alex today. They came up to our paddock and Alex had this big thing around his neck, which I later learnt was for taking pictures of me! I was only happy for this to happen if I had a human nearby, where upon Mouse got very jealous and dive bombed every shot. I heard them mumble something about never working with children or animals as they left…

So, my favourite bed-time story topic this past month has been learning more about my sire, which of course I want to share with you readers! His name is Cevin Z and he is a prolific breeding stallion from the Billy Stud. He was the pick of the pack for my owners and breeders, the Prest family, Alex Colquhoun & Jo Meyer, as he is a proven sire of top-level sport horses along with having a good reputation for producing good temperaments amongst his progeny. I have been told that a whole host of Cevin Z offspring are mega talented across the board and compete at the highest level of show-jumping and eventing – so no pressure!

However, for now I am just going to daydream of what I might do in the future, enjoy my first August and keep focusing on growing even taller than Mouse!

Until next time

F xx

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