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Florence the Foal

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Florence and Mum
Florence and Mouse

Foal Friday with Florence

Greetings fellow foals and fantastic followers. I hope you have all had a good month.

Mine has been busy! I was born on Easter Sunday, so I am now approaching my 9-week Birthday this coming weekend, and everyone seems to say that I am growing at the rate of knots into a big strong filly!

My little friend Mouse and I have been really going to town on the whole, playing, eating and sleeping routine. We have it down to a fine art and only annoy our mothers slightly from time to time when we interrupt their grazing or nap time being frolicking foals. Carrying on from last month, you will be pleased to hear that I am still in full giraffe eating mode, my legs just keep on growing! We get lots of lovely visits from the humans and they are always giggling and taking pictures of the way I eat. Mouse and I think it's pretty normal, but hey anything to amuse the crowds.  

The grown-ups have said that we may be in for some fantastically warm weather in the next coming days, so Mouse and I have already found a shady spot for our flat out lying down naps. We are also turned out in a lovely paddock on a hill, so if there is any sniff of a breeze, we will feel it. I have to say that one thing that I have not enjoyed meeting in my early foal days, is flies! Oh my goodness what annoying little critters that just keep buzzing around! Luckily Mouse and I have developed a good head to tail system to try and keep them out of our eyes!

We have also had another first this month with meeting the farrier – what a funny going on! But once I got the hang of having my feet handled, it was actually no trouble at all and fun to meet another human. He gave me a good few cuddles and said how well I did, so I am looking forward to seeing him again as I got told we will have quite regular visits to keep our feet in order. No foot no horse was a recent saying I picked up!

One of my favourite things to do when I get downtime with my Mum is to ask her about her past life as a KBIS competition horse. She told me the other evening, how she joined the team as a 7-year-old and was bought from show-jumper Rowan Willis. Her fellow stablemate KBIS Starchaser, was having a slight layoff and our owners the Prest’s along with Alex Colquhoun and his mother Jo Mayer, decided they wanted to keep their interest going, so bought my mother. Previously, she had just show-jumped in Europe, but she then made the switch to eventing and accumulated 227 BE points. She says her favourite events (and where she did best) where Blenheim, Ballindenisk and Boekelo. I love the sound of her life as an international event horse and daydream that one day I might be able to go on a similar journey to my mother – but I have quite a way to go till that point!

So, all in all, another fun four weeks for me. I have got on my list to ask Mother about my Father – Cevin Z, so will make sure I get the low down on him for my next months blog and also apparently my mother won a class a big class back in July in 2012, so I am going to get her to give me the full rundown of that to share with you all too!

I hope you all enjoy the nice weather and remember to keep following my weekly update pictures too!

Until next time

F xx

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