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Katie's April Blog - Rain, training and competing at Chilham!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, although it does seem as though it was months ago! 

After having had a very exciting March getting our first CIC* under our belt, April has been somewhat quiet in comparison.

Tinka had a few days off after Great Witchingham whilst I was away in Menorca on a sailing course with the hope of the weather being nice and warm. However, it turns out the weather in Menorca wasn’t much better than back at home… Nevertheless, it was huge fun learning something completely new and different and I returned home injury free thank goodness!

Upon returning to a rainy England, Tinka and I received a couple of physio sessions from Kate Haynes which were hugely beneficial and it meant that Tinka came bouncing back feeling as fresh and happy as ever!

We had a number of training sessions with Emily Baldwin both on the flat and jumping which were extremely useful as we were working on movements such as leg yields that need more establishment as we progress up the levels. We also worked on tricky lines when jumping whilst maintaining a forward canter as I find it very easy to shut down the canter as the turns become tighter and the lines harder.

At the end of the month, Tinka and I did the Novice Under 18 at Chilham Castle which is our only BE event that takes under 2 hours to get to (approximately 10 minutes)! We have been working on keeping Tinka as relaxed as possible during dressage tests as she has been relatively fresh recently and she is convinced that she knows the Nu18 dressage test off by heart and often likes to throw in a number of new movements! However, despite the utterly miserable weather, she remained very relaxed to get a good dressage of 28.8 followed by a lovely double clear with a few pesky time faults which knocked us off top spot to finish 4th.

Next month is due to be very exciting, not only do I not have any AS exams, but Tinka and I have entered our first CCI* in June and have a number of events this coming month including the NSEA Eventers Challenge at Hickstead which is always lots of fun! 

As my time as the over 14 KBIS Bursary winner approaches towards an end, I could not emphasise enough how amazing it has been and I have really enjoyed writing my blogs as it is something I had never previously done. There are only a few more days left for you all to enter this year’s bursary, no matter what level you are competing at or which discipline you enjoy the most, it is definitely worth entering – so go, go, go! 

Good Luck to all those who are due to start their GCSE’s and A levels within the next month!

Until next time, Katie x

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