The Brooke: A case study from the Jalalabad Equine Fair

Farookh’s ignorance about equine diseases and poor access to veterinary services meant a sad prognosis for his six-year-old mare. He had been availing the services of a local healer to treat her but whilst the treatment cost had risen, the condition of his mare did not. Feeling helpless, he decided to sell his mare for a throwaway price at the Jalalabad equine fair.  

Once at the fair, Farookh started looking for potential buyers, but his efforts proved futile. By now, his mare had gone off food & water and was showing signs of Colic. To ease his mare’s distress, he injected lasix (a diuretic drug which is available over the counter and often used as a fix all) to induce urination. This proved counterproductive and her condition deteriorated further. Therefore, he started looking for help elsewhere and luckily reached the Brooke camp. 

At the camp, Farookh met Brooke Vet, Dr Manoj and shared the case history. Looking at the pathetic condition of the mare, Dr Manoj took the case on as a priority. Closer examination revealed that she was severely dehydrated and suffering from Colic. The situation was further compound by the presence of maggot wounds all over her body. During examination, she was barely able to stand due to weakness and pain. 

Dr Manoj began treatment by administering painkillers and antibiotic injections, followed by fluid therapy using a stomach tube. Once the mare stabilised, the wounds were cleaned and drained and fly repellent applied on the affected parts. 

Ongoing advice was to put her on a soft diet, and return for follow-up treatment at the camp. 

The next day, Dr Manoj once again examined the ailing mare and noticed a slight improvement in her condition. Now he shifted his focus on to treating the maggot wounds.  To fight infections, he once again administered anti-inflammatory and antibiotic injections and advised five days follow-up medication, with the help of a Brooke trained Local Health Provider in his area. 

Observing the dedication of the Brooke team at the fair, Farookh was awestruck and praised the team for their efforts. He also promised that he would take good care of his mare. 

Two months later, he met Dr Manoj at Falawada equine fair and the mare looked in a better condition.  

Dr Manoj was quite impressed that Farookh had kept his promise and had taken good care as per his advice.  In his own words, “I am happy I could influence Farookh to take good care of his mare and prevent him from using Lasix injections, I hope he will share this same message among his peers” 

Brooke works hard to deliver significant and lasting change, even in some of the world’s most challenging areas. We use our expertise to train and support owners of horses, donkeys and mules, local vets, farriers, harness makers and animal traders to improve standards of care. 
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