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15 Months Cover for Mortality, Vet Fee and Permanent Loss of Use Insurance

15 Months Cover for Mortality, Vet Fee and Permanent Loss of Use Insurance

When it comes to insurance, making sure that you are getting the best policy for your needs is always at the forefront of most people’s minds. With IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) having risen by 2% from June 2017 making IPT now 12%, consumers would have noticed a rise in their premium over the last 12 months. This, combined with the increasing costs of veterinary treatment, which in turn has a knock on effect on the cost of claims, may see some people’s premium rise further. Whilst the increase is a necessity for the insurance industry, for the consumer it is ever more important to look closely at the policies available and cover on offer.

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance, the UK’s leading independent horse insurance provider, are the first insurer to now offer 15 months cover as standard across all of their vet fee options, as well as on mortality and permanent loss of use insurance. This will see customers benefiting from an additional 3 months of financial support, as well as helping to relieve some of the time pressure clients and veterinarians face when dealing with an insured horse who has a significant injury or illness.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our clients this improved level of cover,” said Guy Prest, Managing Director of KBIS. “Whilst the increase in IPT is outside our control we always strive to offer the highest, and most varied level of cover to our customers and I believe that the move to provide 15 months cover instead of the standard 12 months across these three fundamental areas will be of huge benefit when our clients need it the most.”

Harriet Walker, KBIS Claims Manager, added. “This change will be especially beneficial for soft tissue injuries where often a significant period of rest is required before establishing whether first stage treatment has been successful. And of course for life long conditions such as Arthritis and Cushing’s, where clients can carry on treatment for a longer period of time under the safety net of their policy .” Adding " 15 months is a more realistic time for long term ailments to be treated and for lameness to resolve. In the case of lameness it frequently takes some while to accurately pin point the route of the problem- we are seeing more and more cases of poor performance where the horse is discovered to be suffering from more than one condition. Bringing the time allowed for a permanent loss of use claim in line with the time period for vet’s fees will simplify matters and the longer time scale will ensure enough time for the vet to liaise with KBIS to decide whether a horse is unable to resume its athletic career.”

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