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Trailer Insurance FAQs

There are some questions that regularly crop up when it comes to Trailer Insurance, below are some of these, we hope they will offer helpful advice.

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What cover does my trailer insurance include?

Your trailer insurance covers you for Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft of your trailer, it does not cover any Third Party damage, this should be covered under the insurance for your towing vehicle.

Am I covered to take my friend's horse to a show in my trailer?

Yes, you are covered as long as no money changes hands (other than a contribution to fuel/running costs). If you wish to transport other people’s horses in exchange for money you would need a ‘Hire and Reward’ policy, you can contact our office to take out this cover.

My friend has asked to borrow my trailer will it still be covered under the policy?

Yes, your friend can borrow your trailer as long as they hold the relevant license and no money changes hands, if you wished to hire out your trailer you would require a self-drive hire insurance policy.

I am picking up a youngster that has never travelled before, does my policy include damage to the trailer caused by the horse?

Yes, damage to the trailer caused by any horses on-board is covered under the Accidental Damage section of the policy.

If I hit someone else while towing what would be covered?

Any damage to your trailer would be covered; however, any third party damage would fall under the insurance for the towing vehicle.

Would my trailer be covered if it was stolen at an event?

Yes, as long as you had secured it to either your tow bar or used a hitch lock or wheel clamp.

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