Rider Insurance


Insuring Yourself – What does Rider Insurance Cover?

Rider Insurance is a term used for both Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance for people who ride or handle horses.

These types of insurance cover different risks as follows;

Personal Accident Insurance covers you for injuries you sustain while riding and handling horses, these types of policies can extend to include cover even when you are not around horses.

Personal or Public Liability Insurance protects you against claims made by third parties for property damage or bodily injury, caused by your horse. For example, if you were out hacking and your horse kicked a car.

Personal Accident Insurance

When looking for Personal Accident Insurance it is important to understand what you are looking to protect yourself against and to make sure that the cover you buy suits your needs. KBIS have two main options for Personal Accident cover.  If you have a horse policy with us we can include basic Personal Accident cover for death, permanent disablement and dental work following injury caused by your horse.  This cover would cost from £14* per year and would include anyone who was riding or handling your horse with your permission, (excluding Professionals.)

Our second option is a more comprehensive stand-alone policy, which would cover you 24hrs a day wherever you are in the world.  It is not restricted to horse activities, for example, it would still apply to injuries sustained from a car accident or a slip on an icy pavement.  The policy benefits are as follows;

  • Accidental Death
  • Loss of an eye or limb
  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Temporary Total Disablement due to accident or sickness
  • Dental work not available on the NHS

We find that the most attractive section of this policy is the temporary total disablement benefit as it provides a weekly payment in the event that you are unable to work due to an accident or sickness. The payments are based on your income and only take effect after the first 14 days of an accident and 21 days of a sickness, however, it can be payable for up to 104 weeks giving the policyholder a good amount of time to get back to work.

Our Personal Accident policies start from £125.02 for under 16’s and £127.26 for anyone over the age of 16.

Public Liability Insurance

We tend to find that more people cover themselves for Public Liability claims than Personal Accident. This may be because Public Liability claims can amass to over £1,000,000 which is a rather scary thought. Public Liability insurance provides you with cover should you be held legally liable for injury to people or damage to their property. Policies pay out up to the limit of indemnity in the event that you are found legally liable as well as paying for costs incurred for defending you in court, should underwriters feel you are not legally liable for the particular claim. There is usually an excess to pay for third party property damage claims.

At KBIS we have three ways in which we can offer Public Liability Insurance. If you are only riding your own horse, or on loan to you under a formal agreement then we can include cover on a horse policy from £18.38*, or it can be taken out as a stand-alone policy from £47.07. We also have policies for Freelance Riders and Grooms if you are looking to cover your business.

To get a quote please contact our office on 0345 230 2323 or email ask@kbis.co.uk. Please note these prices are as of the July 1st 2017 and are subject to change.

*These prices relate to cover being added on to a horse insurance policy, minimum premiums apply.