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Insurance For Vet Fees

Insurance For Vet Fees

Vet fee insurance is the most popular cover option on a horse insurance policy,  providing the insured horse with cover for non-routine veterinary procedures. Vet fee cover can be extremely beneficial, helping ensure your horse receives the veterinary attention required in the event of an injury, without you, the horse owner, having to worry about the cost.

At KBIS we offer a range of different vet fee cover options for you to choose from; depending on your horses' age, the activities your horse is participating in, and the value of your horse, you have the choice of up to 10 different types of veterinary fee cover which vary in excess and incident limits.

Our Competition policy provides our most comprehensive cover options with incident limits up to £6,000, colic surgery up to £7,500 and cover for complementary treatment and hospitalisation. Whilst our Leisure policy offers some cheaper alternatives with cover ranging from accidental, external injuries only to our most popular option of £3,000 per incident with a choice of two excess options.

Both policies include cover for 15 months from the onset of the incident allowing you to claim for three extra months, subject to your incident limit, compared to most other policies on the market.

Our Competition Vets Fee options can be viewed here.

Our Leisure Vets Fee options can be viewed here.

Catastrophe Cover 

This unique vet fee option provides you with cover for accidental, external injuries, plus colic surgery, joint and tendon sheath flushing as a result of sepsis, and surgery for pastern or pedal bone fractures. This cover can be purchased as a standalone policy from just £300 per year or in conjunction with other cover benefits such as Mortality insurance or Public Liability cover.

Did you know we provide a 15 month claim period on our veterinary fee, mortality and permanent loss of use insurance?