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Insurance For Loaned Horses - Eligibility

Insurance For Loaned Horses - Eligibility

Your Horse’s Age

Our online horse insurance quote system is able to provide quotations for any horse or pony between 90 days old and 30 years. There are certain limitations to the policy cover which depend on the age of your horse, however our fully automated horse insurance quote system will show you which cover is available depending on the information you enter.

Your Horse’s Value

The maximum value of horse we will quote for online is £15,000, if your horse is worth more than this KBIS can still cater for your needs but we will need to speak to you over the phone on 0345 230 2323 to provide a quotation and arrange cover.

For horses valued over £20,000 you may want to consider cover through our specialist Sport Horse Insurance Policy

All horses (and owners!) must be domiciled in the United Kingdom.