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KBIS British Equestrian Insurance provides Horse Insurance, Horsebox Insurance, Liability Insurance plus lots more

Horse & Trailer Insurance

KBIS offer a choice of cover options when it comes to insuring your horse and trailer. 

You can either include your trailer on the same policy as your horse (for trailers valued up to and including £10,000), or you can choose to have a stand alone trailer policy. Our stand alone trailer policy also caters for higher value trailer, find out more here - KBIS Trailer Insurance. Both options will ensure your trailer is covered for accidental damage and physical loss. In addition, we can also provide breakdown cover for trailers, where the towing vehicle is included even when you are not towing - KBIS Trailer Breakdown Insurance

For your horse insurance, we have tried to make our policies as flexible as possible allowing you to cater the cover to your requirements.  Depending on your horse’s age and class of use you have the choice of up to ten different types of veterinary fee cover, which vary in excess and incident limits. 

We have two different types of policy, competition cover and leisure cover. Our Competition cover provides more comprehensive cover with incident limits up to £6,000, colic surgery up to £7,500 and cover for complementary treatment and hospitalisation.  Whilst our Leisure cover offers a cheaper alternative with cover from accidental, external injuries only to our most popular option of £3,000 per incident with a choice of two excess’.

Both options also include cover for 15 months from the onset of an incident allowing you to claim for 3 extra months compared to most policies.