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Horse Insurance Renewal

Horse Insurance Renewal

In the current uncertain climate, we understand that now, more than ever, it is important that our customers not only get value from their insurance but with a company that they can trust and rely upon.

At KBIS we have always focussed on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that we offer a range of policy options, so you can choose a level of cover that suits your horse’s requirements and your budget.

Whilst our staff are working safely from home, our phone lines are open as normal allowing us to provide support and assistance to both new and existing clients. Our fully automated online quote system means you can also get quotes and purchase a policy quickly and simply online.

What coverage do KBIS’ policies provide?

We provide seven main cover options so you can choose to include the following;  Death, Theft and Starying, Vets Fees, Permanent loss of use, Public Liability, Personal Accident, Saddlery & Tack and Trailers. 

Our policies offer the flexibility for you to pick and choose the above coverage, although unless specifically selecting one of our stand-alone cover options, death, theft and straying must be purchased to add on any of the other five cover benefits.

Depending on your horse’s age and the activities in which you are participating, you have access to up to ten different vet fee options across our leisure and competition policies. These range in incident limits from £3,000 to £6,000 per incident, some of which extend further to include coverage up to £7,500 for colic surgery.

Uniquely we provide a 15-month claim period for mortality, vet fee and permanent loss of use claims.

We also offer three stand-alone policy options, which provide a more affordable alternative to our standard horse insurance. These include our Catastrophe Cover, Open Wound Only vet fee policy and Individual Equine Public Liability. You can find further information about these policies here – Affordable Horse Insurance Solutions.

Are there any limitations in cover at the start of the policy if I move from another insurer?

When coming from renewal with another insurance provider then, as long as the cover you are looking to take out with us is at the same level or less than on your previous policy, we will provide full cover straight away as per your certificate of insurance. If you are looking to increase the value of your horse, to increase cover to accident, sickness and disease (where previous cover had been limited to open wounds only), or to add an element of cover that your horse didn't have previously such as veterinary fees or permanent loss of use, the first 45 days of your new policy will be limited to accidental external injuries only. If you're not sure whether your horse would receive full cover straight away or if the limitation period would apply, call us on 0345 230 2323 and a member of our Equine Team will be happy to discuss your horse specifically.

What documentation will I have to provide?

We will require a full copy of the renewal documentation from your previous insurer, a completed proposal form from KBIS and a copy of your horse’s full clinical history from your veterinary practice(s) for the time you have owned him. If your previous insurance policy didn’t include vet fee cover or permanent loss of use and you are now looking to add either of these sections to your policy with KBIS, then cover may also be subject to a vet certificate and/or X-Ray images of which you will be advised.

Why should I choose KBIS?

At KBIS we offer some of the most comprehensive cover available on the market today. We work closely with industry experts ensuring our cover options and incidents limits are appropriate and in line with veterinary treatment and offer one of the widest ranges of vet fee options. Some of our unique policy options include:

  • Vet fees up to £6000 per incident
  • Colic Surgery up to £7,500
  • Full cover up to and including 25 years of age
  • 15-month claim period for mortality, vet fees and permanent loss of use
  • Stand-alone vet fee options, including our Open Wound Only policy starting from less than £255/year and Catastrophe Cover from £300/year
  • Stand-alone public liability cover from £47.04

We are also proud of our reputation in providing a fair and efficient claims process and have good working relationships with veterinary surgeons and settling claims directly with your vet practice.

In addition, we also have specialist departments for Horseboxes & Trailers, including breakdown, Liability, including yards and freelance policies, plus Equine Property. Allowing you, if you choose, the ease of dealing with one insurance provider for all of your equestrian insurance.

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