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Win a 90 minute rider assessment session including work on Martha the Mechanical Horse with Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, author of Pilates for Riders and Core Connection for Rider & Horse

Lindsay's work includes a variety of movement and therapeutic approaches to help you achieve your goals, whether that is to rehabilitate from injury or surgery, or take your competitive performance or simply your partnership with your horse to another level.  Sessions involve whatever you need, whether that is work on the mechanical horse, intrinsic biomechanical or gait assessment, sports and exercise therapy, and work on the Pilates studio equipment.  Most sessions comprise a blend of several of the above.

Your session will include:

  • Full intrinsic biomechanics screening to identify any restrictions in how your muscles, nerves and joints are working and appropriate sports therapy treatment
  • Initial exercise programme to continue at home
  • An awareness session covering the ABC on Martha the mechanical horse in the studio to integrate new sensations of alignment, breath and centring patterns into your riding

Through intrinsic biomechanical screening and movement assessment followed by prescriptive exercise, Lindsay will help you to discover whole new dimensions to your riding capabilities.  

Intrinsic biomechanics screenings and correlating exercises address any low grade muscle spasm, nerve and joint mobility issues which may be affecting your ability to use your core muscles, your shock absorption capacity and your symmetry in the saddle.  

The pelvis is the first part of your body which receives movement forces directly from the horse, and therefore restrictions here directly influence your position in the saddle- it is really common to have a pelvis which is twisted, shifted or tilted to the side, perhaps tipped too far forwards or backwards on one or both sides and legs which appear to be not quite the same length!  

These issues, which can develop into discomfort and adaptation patterns involving many other areas of your body, will be pinpointed in your screening and are so often helped quickly with simple and effective exercises.

Whilst your pelvis is the first part of your body to be responsible for shock absorption when you are actually on the horse, when you aren't on your horse, your feet are responsible for that shock absorption in every step you take.  When your foot strikes the ground, this sets into motion a chain reaction through every muscle and joint in your body, all the way up to your head!    Did you know that a restriction in movement in your foot can affect your ability to rotate your spine, and even keep your shoulder blade in the right position for riding?  The reverse can apply too; shoulder issues can affect the pelvis.... in fact, restrictions in certain areas anywhere along the chains of soft tissue and joints can manifest as issues elsewhere in the body. 

Your session incorporates targeted exercises which will be appropriately challenging (or not!) for your level of fitness.  Your exercise plan and videos will be sent to you after your session to help you practise effectively.  

You will integrate the new patterns and sensations in your body working on Martha the mechanical horse.  If you can bring your own saddle along, then you will be able to practise on a familiar 'base'.  If you can't bring yours, you are welcome to ride in Martha’s. Your sessions will be held at 
Equipilates™️ HQ which is The Stables, 56 Upper Marehay Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 8JG

As well as being the Director of Equipilates Lindsay also competes in dressage, KBIS are pleased to be taking Lindsay on as a sponsored rider and we look forward to following her journey.

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