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Vaccination Myths


There is limited research on how many horse owners vaccinate their horses, and adhering to vaccination guidelines does seem to differ geographically across the country. On the Horse First Aid Courses that I run all around the UK compliance with vaccinations is generally quite high, but sometimes only half of owners admit to not vaccinating […]

Equine Flu


Equine Influenza is endemic in the population of horses in the United Kingdom and Mainland Europe. The virus circulates at low levels and is diagnosed from time to time in all parts of the continent. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated animals can be affected, but vaccinated animals may show only mild clinical signs as opposed to […]

Winter Rugging


How should you be rugging your horse this winter? Horses can regulate their temperature between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. Many owners over rug their horses and are unaware that despite the fact it is done with the best intentions it is actually cruel. Heavy weight rugs should only be used in exceptional circumstances such […]

Summer Worming


Every season brings its problems and even though we look forward to the long light days, summer is no exception. While the battle to control flies is a visible daily trial at this time of year it’s important to remember about other parasites too such as intestinal worms, pinworm, bots, ticks and summer sores that […]

Worming Your Horse

Tapeworm Treatment Options

Horse health professionals rally to determine best practice as “Equitape” horse wormer to be discontinued from October 2018. From October 2018 the wormer brand, Equitape®, commonly used to treat tapeworm infection will be discontinued from sale in the UK. This wormer is the only licenced product for horses containing praziquantel as a single active ingredient. […]