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Your Horse First Aid Kit


Have you got a Horse First Aid Kit? Maybe it’s on your to-do list to put one together. So what do you actually need in your Horse First Aid Kit? Guest author Nicola Kinnard-Comedie (who owns and runs NKC Equestrian Training) has this broken down into products to clean with, products to apply to a wound, basic bandaging materials, […]

Vaccination Myths


There is limited research on how many horse owners vaccinate their horses, and adhering to vaccination guidelines does seem to differ geographically across the country. On the Horse First Aid Courses that I run all around the UK compliance with vaccinations is generally quite high, but sometimes only half of owners admit to not vaccinating […]

Winter Parasite Control

Winter Parasite Control

Responsible horse owners aim to minimise the wormers they give their horses, basing their parasite control on the evidence of worms being present rather than treating routinely. There is, however, one dangerous parasitic stage of the small redworm that we can’t test for (yet!) that can have fatal consequences.  Instead, we need to treat proactively […]

Worming Your Horse

Tapeworm Treatment Options

Horse health professionals rally to determine best practice as “Equitape” horse wormer to be discontinued from October 2018. From October 2018 the wormer brand, Equitape®, commonly used to treat tapeworm infection will be discontinued from sale in the UK. This wormer is the only licenced product for horses containing praziquantel as a single active ingredient. […]