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Catastrophe Cover - Cover Available

Catastrophe Cover pays 100% of the Veterinary Fees after the excess has been deducted up to a maximum of £7,500 in total during the policy period for:

- Accidental External Injuries Only (AEIO)

- Colic Surgery

- Joint or Tendon Sheath Flushing as a result of Sepsis

- Surgery for Pastern & Pedal Bone Fractures

The insured horse is covered for 15 months from the onset date of an incident.

The excess is £140 or as stated on the Certificate of Insurance, it applies to each incident.

Other cover options include death, theft and straying, loss of use, legal liability, personal accident, saddlery and tack, trailer or horse drawn vehicle cover. Other cover benefits will incur an additional premium. 

Catastrophe Cover offers standalone vet fee insurance for just £300!