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Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown Insurance

From 1st September 2018 new cover benefits have been added to Horsebox and Trailer Breakdown Insurance Policies.

The new benefits include:

Key Cover – if you lock your keys within the vehicle or lose them then the policy will cover taking you, your vehicle and your horse(s) to your spare keys or a local repairer, whichever is closest.

Misfuelling - can be a simple mistake but leave you unable to continue on your journey. The policy will cover the draining and flushing of the fuel tank at the roadside, taking you to the nearest repairer if it’s not fixable and even topping up your tank with 10 litres of the correct fuel to get you on your way again.

Replacement Driver – it’s not a situation we like to think of ourselves in but having a fall or accident whether at a competition, on a fun ride or out schooling, could leave you unable to drive you and your horse home again. If, as the only driver of the vehicle, you have been certified as medically unfit to continue a journey or drive home then a replacement driver will be arranged and the cost for the service covered.

These are added to the current cover which includes: 

  • Home Start
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Recovery Service
  • Alternative Travel or Accommodation

We caught up with Policyholder Richard Holt to see how our breakdown insurance worked for him.