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Breakdown Insurance FAQ

 How much will a policy cost?

Our trailer breakdown insurance is a set price at £125 including Insurance Premium Tax, per year. For our horsebox breakdown policies the premium you pay depends on the tonnage and use of the vehicle. Our policies start at £150 including Insurance Premium Tax, which would be for a vehicle under 7.5 tonnes used for social, domestic and pleasure use only.

 Is there an excess on the policy?

The policy does not have an excess.

The policy does not cover the cost of any parts or components required to repair the vehicle.

 What happens if I wish to cancel the policy?

The policy can be cancelled at any time.If you cancel within 14 days of the beginning of your policy you will receive a return of the premium paid to KBIS, less £15 + Insurance Premium Tax, unless you have made a claim. If you choose to cancel after 14 days no return premium shall be paid. However, in the event you have sold your vehicle and replaced it with another KBIS can transfer the cover from the old vehicle to the new one.

 What happens if I break down?

There is a dedicated 24-hour rescue control centre that you will need to phone and provide some basic information, such as your name and vehicle registration. You will also need to provide the operator with your location, ideally a road name. Using the latest mapping technology they will be able to locate you and the nearest available garage will be sent to assist you.

 Am I covered if I have a puncture?

Yes, but you must be carrying a roadworthy and accessible spare wheel which must be fitted with a roadworthy tyre. If locking wheel nuts are fitted you must also carry the key/tool to remove them.

 Does the policy include getting my horse(s) home?

Yes if the vehicle cannot be repaired at the scene of the breakdown or at a nearby garage then the policy will cover the costs of transporting your horse(s), yourself and up to 5 passengers to any one destination of your choice. Therefore if you are on your way to a show or training then it will cover getting you there but will not include your journey home again, as this would be two separate destinations.

 How will my horse(s) be transported?

The insurer will always try to provide a comparable means of transport to that which you are using, so on a horsebox policy we will always try to supply a similar size horsebox. In extremely busy times if may not be possible to provide a horsebox straight away, so in order to prevent you from too long a wait time a trailer might be offered instead.

The operator should ask you how you would like your horse to be transported, but it is always worth clarifying when you phone what vehicle will be sent. This is especially important if you know your horse won’t load into a trailer or vice versa. The insurer will not tow the vehicle or load it on to a low loader with horses on board.


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