Horsebox Insurance and Farrier's Vehicle Insurance

KBIS HorseboxHorsebox Insurance

The KBIS Horsebox insurance policy is specifically designed for owners of all types of horsebox. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the comprehensive horsebox insurance market enabling them to discuss your specific needs and offering you appropriate policy options whether that’s the cheapest horsebox insurance or the most comprehensive horsebox insurance.


What types of Horsebox insurance policies are available?

KBIS offer fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft policies catering for ‘Social, Domestic & Pleasure’ use as well as ‘Business’ use. Fill out our online form to receive a horsebox insurance quote.


How much will the policy cost?

The price of your policy depends on the type of use, value of your vehicle, number of drivers and also any previous claims or convictions.

Fully comprehensive horsebox insurance policies start from £212.86 including insurance premium tax.

Third party, fire and theft horsebox insurance policies start from £180.20 including insurance premium tax.


What excess can I expect?

The excess on KBIS’ Horsebox Insurance policy varies according to the value of your horse box, generally speaking though, excesses start at £100 rising to £250.

Horsebox Windscreen damage excess is £75.


What else can I insure my Horsebox for?

Once you have considered insuring your horsebox you should also think about horsebox breakdown insurance. KBIS’ breakdown policy is fully comprehensive including ‘home-start’. This means that you can rest assured that if you need your horsebox breakdown cover you won’t be stranded at the side of the road.


Farriers Van Insurance

KBIS has a dedicated farriers van Insurance policy, it is specifically designed for farriers and forms part of our complete farriers insurance (including Public Liability and Material Damage policies). Fill out our online form to receive a farriers van insurance quote.