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KBIS have been providing Horse insurance since 1984 and are now the largest independent equine insurance intermediary in the UK. Our policies are completely customisable allowing you to fully tailor your horse insurance quotes.


Is my horse eligible?

Our online horse insurance quote system is able to provide quotations for any horse or pony between 90 days old and 30 years. There are certain limitations to the policy cover which depend on the age of your horse, however our fully automated horse insurance quote system will show you which covers are available depending on the information you enter.


The maximum value of horse we will quote for online is £15,000, if your horse is worth more than this KBIS can still cater for your needs by providing a quotation under our sport horse insurance policy.


All horses (and owners!) must be resident in the United Kingdom.


What types of Policy are available?

Our online horse insurance quote system allows you to obtain quotes under our leisure horse Insurance policy and our riding and competition horse insurance policy. These policies cater for all types of horse riding, ranging from the happy hacker to high level competition horses.


Leisure Horse Insurance – This is KBIS’ economy horse insurance policy and is designed to provide cover for people who are looking for cheap horse insurance.


Our leisure horse insurance policy also caters for older horses (veteran horse insurance). KBIS offer full veterinary fee cover (for accident, sickness and disease) for horses up to 25 years old as well as limited cover (for accidental, external injuries only) in case you are looking for the cheapest horse insurance.


Riding and Competition Horse Insurance – This is KBIS’ most popular horse insurance policy and is designed to provide cover for people who are looking for the most comprehensive horse insurance.


Other types of Insurance – KBIS Bushy Equine scheme is not currently available online, please contact our office on 0345 230 2323 to obtain a quote.


To get a horse insurance quote click the ‘online quote’ button below, register and then choose horse insurance.